South African Depression and Anxiety Group in Sandton is looking for new volunteer counsellors.

For 15 years, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group has been on the other end of the line for people in need of mental health advice support and referral. As one of South Africa's largest mental health NGOs, SADAG works with communities across the country to destigmatise mental illness, counsel people in crisis, and educate people in order to prevent teen suicide. SADAG's telephonic counsellors provide hope and care to people who often feel neglected and isolated.

SADAG runs the only toll-free Suicide Crisis Lines in the country, a toll-free Substance Abuse Line, Toll free Police Help line, and a 15-line call centre seven days a week from 8am to 8pm, helping all South Africans, and their loved ones, suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and a host of other mental illnesses.
The South African Depression and Anxiety Group brings hope and recovery to thousands of South Africans living with mental illness, people for whom SADAG is truly a lifesaver. "SADAG saved my life – literally! The counsellor was there to talk to and she listened, she helped me cope and get help near where I live", said one SADAG caller.

Our telephone counsellors, dedicated volunteers, provide knowledge and education to callers through accurate information packs and brochures, support through their empathy and understanding, and assistance through referrals to appropriate help throughout the country. "Thank you for the information brochures you sent me. You have made such a difference in my life – and my son's!" Mother from Knysna.

We are looking for new volunteers to help us in our mission. We are based in Sandton and if you are over 21, have experienced and overcome a mental illness, or have had a family member with mental health problems or just would like to offer hope and help to those in crisis, and have 4 hours a week or over the weekend to spare, you may want to volunteer as a counsellor at SADAG in Sandton..

The two-day training will take place over a weekend in February 28th to allow those who work to participate. The training, given by psychologists, psychiatrists and senior SADAG counsellors, gives an in depth look at mental illnesses and their treatments, counselling, and telephone help.

Many of SADAG's counsellors feel that this work has given them the opportunity to turn a personal experience of loss or depression into a positive way of helping others. There are many opportunities to do this at SADAG through telephonic counselling, school and community outreach talks, and support groups.

Cassey Amoore, SADAG's Counselling Services Manager says that SADAG is looking for. "People who are conscientious about the work they take on, who understand that these are people's lives and whose motivation is to benefit the callers". For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Chevonne on 011 262 6396 or Cassey on 011 262 6396 or sms us on 31393, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

volunteering at South Africa's largest mental health NGO is an amazing way to learn about mental health, and enrich our communities. With suicide, depression and anxiety on the increase in South Africa, this is a powerful way to make a difference.