Jay and Michelle
Support group leaders
Lungelo Mavuso

Katrina Rumball

Jeremiah Kgomongwe
Support group leader

Jay and Micelle run one of the oldest support groups in South Africa, Click here, to find out why this couple is committed to helping others.

Lungelo Mavuso joined SADAG for an assignment requiring her to volunteer at an NGO. Click here to find out what has kept Lungelo at SADAG for two years.

Katrina Rumball volunteered for SADAG for seven months as an International Intern from Britain. Click here to see why she was drawn to SADAG.

Jeremiah Kgomongwe has volunteered for SADAG for seven years. Click here to find out what inspires him.
Counsellor and Trainer
Peter Siyabuswa
Support Group Leader
Support Group Leader

Shanne has been counseling for SADAG for 12 years. Find out what makes it matter to her and what makes volunteering so important to her. Click here.

Opened the first rural support group for panic in his local community. Click here to see why he is still involved 14 years later.

Drives from Pretoria to Johannesburg to counsel people who need help and five years later is still making a difference in people's lives. Click here to see what makes her give up her weekends.

Has gone through her own depression and has come out with coping skills she uses to help patients and family members. Click here to read her story.