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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals experienced an increase in Anxiety fearing a COVID-19 infection and the uncertainty of how the pandemic would influence daily life.

Anxieties were further fuelled by being urged to stay inside as the national lockdown came into effect. As we slowly became accustomed to life in lockdown, anxieties subsided somewhat as we
accepted a new reality of living.

Many people across South Africa are now able to return to a working day at the office, but what does this mean? Uncertainty is now again causing an increase in anxiety because a new norm and a new reality of life at work needs to be implemented once again.

It’s now more important than ever, that companies, employers and employees make their own Mental Health, and the Mental Health of others within the workplace, a priority.

Individuals going back to work may feel an increase in feelings of Anxiety, Depression and fear because the physicality of a workplace does not merely entail an office at the end of the passage anymore, but in some cases, an entire building full of other individuals.

Business for South Africa (B4SA) partnered with SADAG and PsySSA to provide businesses with Mental Health support and guidelines for mental health during COVID19.

SADAG Corporate Webinar - Mental Health in the SA Workplace Webinar (6 August 2020)

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Guidelines for Mental Health in the Workplace during COVID-19:

Business for South Africa (B4SA) partnered with SADAG and PsySSA to provide businesses with Mental Health support and guidelines for mental health during COVID19.

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Helpful Podcasts and other Online Resources: 

As we navigate our way through these difficult times, it has become clear that the mental challenges we face are common and the call for mental health support has increased exponentially. One of the positive things about this pandemic is that expert advice has become so much easily accessible. Experts give advice that could help you navigate these difficult times more effectively and successfully across multiple realms of current day living. Explore the links below for more info.

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