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Surfacing’ brings to life these stories, told by those who have lived these journeys. From a top businessman who attempted to take his life three times in one day to a former Springbok rugby player who could see no way forward and a new mother whose post-natal depression saw her dream of motherhood become a nightmare and more…

The book also includes the difficult journey of transgender as well as how bullying can impact a person’s life and a young man whose suicide attempt may have left him a paraplegic but whose life now couldn’t be fuller.
Above all it shows how these remarkable people learnt to overcome their personal mountains and go on to lead healthy, fulfilled lives – more than they’d ever hoped for. At the end of each chapter there’s also practical tips on how to manage these illnesses.

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Podcast: Cape Talk - Pippa Hudson interview with Marion Scher 

A focus on mental health with Award-Winning Health Journalist, Marion Scher, who has a long history in print and broadcast media and has been writing about the subject of mental health for about 30 years. It is a passion she discovered from a first encounter with SADAG Founder, Zane Wilson. It is a passion which has now resulted in a book called Surfacing, in which Scher has sat down with a number of South Africans to share their stories of their personal struggles with mental health issues. Mention: Miss South Africa : Bookstorm : Shudufhadzo Musida Int: Marion Scher: Surfacing : Award-Winning Health Journalist/Author


Chai FM Interview Marion Scher about depression mental health and her book Surfacing

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Podcast - Can you have depression and still be happy?

By Mariette Snyman & Daryl Brown
Daryl Brown survived a suicide attempt but lost his legs. In spite of this, he now has a fulfilled life. Daryl shares his struggle with depression, the conflict between his spirituality and sexuality, bullying, and isolation with podcast host Mariette Snyman. Although he knows what it’s like to have no hope left, he has found ways to overcome physical and mental health challenges. This is a story of the power of the human spirit.

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