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Literacy is a luxury that many of us take for granted. That is why SADAG created SPEAKING BOOKS and revolutionized the way healthcare information is delivered to low literacy communities.

The customizable 16-page book, read by local celebrity audio recordings, ensures that vital health and social messages can be seen, heard, read and understood by everyone across the world.

We started with books on Teen Suicide prevention , HIV, AIDS and Depression, Understanding Mental Health and have developed over 100+ titles, such as TB, Malaria, Polio, Vaccines for over 45 countries.

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June Newsletter

Hi all,

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is here and the country is full of vibe and vuvuzelas!! SADAG is as busy as ever – and still open 7 days a week, while supporting the soccer.

Two Website Additions

Dr Leigh Janet talking about Bipolar

A leading Johannesburg-based psychiatrist, Dr Leigh Janet, agreed to answer questions about Bipolar Disorder to be put on our website. If you have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar, or have a loved one who has, visit http://www.sadag.co.za/ to listen to Dr Janet. He answers questions on: Why have I been prescribed medication for Bipolar Mood Disorder?, How long should I stay on my medication for Bipolar Mood Disorder?, What side-effects of my medication for Bipolar Mood Disorder will I experience?, and Why have I been prescribed more than one medication for Bipolar Mood Disorder?
This online video has been kindly sponsored by .

And “Who Volunteers

This month 4 of SADAG’s volunteers have spoken about their passion for SADAG and mental health. Log on to http://www.sadag.co.za/ to read why Shanne, Peter, Thavanisha, and Sally are volunteering with SADAG and get inspired!

Bipolar Awareness Day- Press and Media
The media once again supported SADAG brilliantly with over R6, 5 million worth of press coverage from radio, TV and print. From newspapers such as Mail and Guardian, Cape Times, City Press, The Sowetan, The Citizen, The Times, Sunday Tribune and The Star to The Times, Pretoria News, Cape Argus, The Daily Sun and the Natal Mercury, to coverage on radio stations from 702, Cape Talk, Jacaranda, Jozi fm and Radio 2000 to Yfm, Lesedi fm, Tuks fm, SAfm and Metro fm, Vrouekeur, and an interview on ETV with one of our senior trainers, Cindy van Wyk, and a programme on 3Talk with Cassey Chambers, SADAG raised amazing awareness and helped so many on Bipolar Awareness Day. One very interesting story appeared in The Witness written by an anonymous correspondent Divorah*. Titles “My lonely life with bipolar disorder” Divorah* writes to educate the public about mental illness and appeals for compassion for sufferers. She was diagnosed with Bipolar and lost everything – friends, career, money. We had 42 broadcasts on radio and TV and reached 49 million people in May alone! We did 87 print stories and reached 9.5 million people – just print media. Thanks to all the press for all their support, especially the Caxton group, without which we would not be able to spread the much needed awareness throughout the country.

Medihelp Support for Bipolar Awareness Day Workshops

In recognition of Bipolar Awareness Day on the 26th of May, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group in partnership with Medihelp hosted three workshops in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town that allowed sufferers of Bipolar Disorder, as well as their family members, a chance to gain new knowledge and education on the subject of Bipolar. This was to be addressed by professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists who addressed various aspects of the disorder, from fast facts to medication compliance, to the importance of support systems.

The first free workshop took place in Pretoria, at the Pretoria Technical High School from 10:00 to 12:00. This workshop was facilitated by one of SADAG’s senior counsellors and trainers, Shai Friedland, and the attendees were addressed by Suzette Heath, a prominent psychologist and support group leader; Dr Gerard Grobler, an experienced psychiatrist in the Bipolar field and lastly by Simon Barnard, a bipolar sufferer whose struggles with Bipolar were documented in Medihelp’s “Living with Bipolar Disorder” DVD.

The Pretoria Technical High School was kind enough to donate the venue to us for the morning. The turnout was great, with over 40 attendees. The speakers were very knowledgeable, and provided a platform for a more interactive session, in which the attendees were able to have those questions answered which are not always covered surrounding Bipolar Disorder. Medication compliance is a huge issue within Bipolar and was thoroughly addressed in an identifiable way. Simon was inspirational, and is a walking testament to the fact that one can overcome anything with the correct help and support.

The second workshop took place at the Morningside MediClinic in Sandton. They were kind enough to donate ‘the Penthouse’ for us as a venue. The workshop took place from 12:30 to 15:30 and the turnout was fantastic, with 70 attendees including patients, spouses and family members. Psychiatrist, Dr Jaco du Toit, gave an excellent presentation on Bipolar, covering many aspects and practical coping tips about the disorder, this in turn generated much enthusiasm, so the questions that followed were fantastic and insightful.
This hour long talk was followed by the screening of Medihelp’s “Living with Bipolar Disorder” DVD. This generated a lot of interest in the entire range of DVD’s. Particularly for the DVD showing a personal account of the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of Bipolar, it was very poignant and had a great impact on the viewers.

The Cape Town workshop which was held in Rondebosch, and even after telling people it was full for more than a week it still ended up with over 200 attendees. There is clearly a need to discuss the issue of Bipolar Disorder further in Cape Town and people were eager to join the conversation about something which isn’t always easy to bring into the open. The feedback has been very complimentary with many people asking when the next workshop was going to be. Suzanne Leighton had a large team of helpers who made the day possible and there were over 8 speakers on many aspects of coping with bipolar.

A big thank you to all the speakers and crew who made the day possible: Sherril Hulett, James van Minnen, Clinical Psychologist Prof Pam Naadio, Psychiatrist Dr Neil Horn, Pharmacist Gary Mamin, Michelle Boiskin, Robyn Richie, Richard Denny, and Nina Mensing.

One of the most marked observations across all workshops was that the attendees were extremely varied across sex, age and race. However, the most important observation was that many of the sufferers had brought there families along. In learning to live with Bipolar and how to manage it, a solid support structure is everything, and by the family gaining knowledge and an understanding of the disorder, and what the sufferers are going through, many more lives can be put on the road to recovery.

Thanks to Medihelp’s sponsorship, these workshops were made possible. Along with giving the attendees an opportunity to gain new and important information for themselves and their families, it also gave them a ‘safe-haven’ where for once, they did not feel alone in having to deal with Bipolar Disorder and have gained strength and hope in knowing that Bipolar is manageable. Logon to www.medihelp.co.za to view the many DVD’s available.
Dieplsoot MallCourtesy of the Diepsloot Mall Management, and Mzolisi the Mall Manager in particular, SADAG has been is manning a stand at the Mall for the last four weekends. The mall is very busy and the stand helps us to raise awareness and interest in our Container Counselling Centre in Diepsloot. Three or four counsellors man the busy stand every weekend and Thabo is there every Saturday too. Averages of 600 people approached the stand each day and are very eager to hear about the facility. We have had lots of enquiries about the Container Counselling Centre and Bronwan and Ntombi have become fully booked. They are making great inroads into the community as well as clinics in the area like the Witkoppen Clinic and the Diepsloot Clinic. Other NGOs in the area know about us and are referring patients. Poverty is a common factor. Cases include: relationship problems, substance abuse, trauma (rape), former prisoners adjusting to community life, family problems, and depression. A big thank you to Thabo, Bronwan, Ntombi and our Trauma counsellors Eunice, Mashudu, and Lucy for their amazing work. Without them we wouldn’t have coped with all the enquiries.

May Sponsors Meeting – Raising the Issue of SADAG’s Financial Distress

On the 12th May, SADAG held their annual Sponsors Meeting at Pfizer’s offices in Sandton. There was a wonderful turnout of over 30 people, including representatives from the pharmaceutical companies, the Department of Education, other NGOs, and Metropolitan Republic Advertising. Dr Frans Korb opened the meeting and welcomed the board, visitors and all attendees. A presentation of the work SADAG does was given by Cassey Chambers (our Operations Director) and Elizabeth Matare (our CEO). This gave our donors a better idea of the work SADAG does and what volume is involved on a daily basis.

Cassey concentrated on the number of calls we receive daily, how we help patients, and what referrals we do. She also spoke about our clinical trial pre-screening lines, and how these lines and corporate wellness days bring us in an income. She discussed how corporate talks are effective for employers and employees, and how our strong media relations help us raise awareness throughout the year.

Elizabeth highlighted our work on the substance abuse line and the school outreach work we are doing for the Department of Substance Abuse and the government. She also spoke about our work with Jansen-Cilag and the school talks done for the Department of Education, and the advocacy work we do. Elizabeth discussed the role of the Speaking Books - how they are important not only the communities that need them but also the financial input they give to SADAG with the bulk of our finances being generated from the Speaking Books.

Zane spoke solely on income and issues we are having in terms of raising money for mental health. SADAG’s success has ultimately become our downfall - the amount of calls we are now getting is costing us greatly and the volume of work we do with the press, government departments and other organisations to assist is costing us greatly.. Previously SADAG had 6 months reserves but due to significantly higher costs we are now down to NO reserves and are going month by month. This has been aggravated by the fact that under 9% of our funding is coming from the pharmaceutical companies,( with every merger – 2 last year - our income depletes) less than 5% from memberships by professionals (only about 10% pay their annual membership fee of R200 per year), and the clinical trials raised 8%. The bulk of our money comes from the Speaking Books.

Marion Scher, who donates all her time pro bono to SADAG as our media consultant, indicated the value of a company taking on the SADAG branding with over R6 million worth of press and publicity each month. Many sponsors had ideas about raising funds and lowering costs from looking at new phone systems to looking for partnership between Carepoint Pharmacy Group and SADAG to raise awareness, or a radio-thon to raise money, Kevin Bolon and Roshni are coordinating an Art fundraiser (see later), Colinda offered help from a fundraiser she knows ,and Lundbeck offered their webmaster’s services free of charge to renovate our website.

Money is very tight for donations at the moment, and many corporate clients do not understand or wish to be associated with Mental Health. The popular areas are still HIV and AIDS, TB, and Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Dr Korb requested everyone to think creatively about how SADAG can continue based on the financial requirements we have and the huge volume of work done with only four paid staff. We urge you to do the same and let us know any ideas you may have.

Special thanks to Dale Joynt and Grant Queck from Pfizer for organizing the venue and helping with the set-up.

Anyone wanting to see the various things SADAG is involved in apart from our call centre and counselling services, Click here to see some of this year’s events and activities. If you have any suggestions on raising funds, want to help or volunteer, or are a company wanting to take on the SADAG branding, please contact Cassey on 011 262 6396.
Debriefing in a School Suicide in Mapanga Location

A team of counsellors recently visited a school in Mapanga to debrief the learners following two suicides. When they arrived at the school the counsellors discovered that unfortunately the school had a long history of suicide. During the talks the counsellors talked to six classes in the grades the two girls who had committed suicide were in. Many learners said that relationships and being ‘dumped’ had an influence on their emotional wellness and were linked to the suicides. This is of great concern, and counsellors emphasized that learners must focus on other important things in their lives, like their friends, schoolwork and community activities. The counsellors explained the five stages of grieving to the learners – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and lastly acceptance – to help them understand their emotions as well as those of their fellow peers. This can be a very confusing time for teenagers, especially as they all experience grief in different ways. Counsellors also gave the learners time to reflect on their friends, talking about happy memories as well. Additionally the talk covered information on depression and suicide, including what to look out for if a friend is depressed and reminding them that they should tell an adult they trust, speak to a parent, teacher, social worker or call SADAG on 0800 567 567, if they are worried. The talk emphasises that it is better to lose a friendship than lose the friend. The feedback from the learners and the teachers was very positive. A big thank you to Katrina, Gaby, Natasha, Deeanne and Nizosh for their sensitivity and hard work.

Islamic Careline Workshop

On the 24th of May, SADAG was invited to host a morning’s workshop for the counsellors at the Islamic Careline. The Islamic Careline is a telephonic and face-to-face counselling centre which offers free services to the Islamic community. They are situated in Fordsburg. The topics presented at the Workshop were Depression, Suicide Prevention, Bipolar and How to cope with Trauma. The attendees were very interactive and showed a lot of interest in our presentations. SADAG Counsellors also discussed case studies to show what practical advice you can offer a patient or family member in a crisis. We want to thank the Islamic Careline for their warm hospitality. And a big thank you to our counselors, Deanne, Natasha, Fatima, Katia and Thumi for representing SADAG.

Diepsloot Church Talk

Elizabeth Matare did a talk at a church in Diepsloot for a congregation of 400. She addressed the congregation from the seating area. The Elders of the Church helped Elizabeth and Thabo distribute the flyers. She also demonstrated the “Getting your Government Grant” Speaking Book and gave the Pastors a number of Books including the one on Saying no to Drugs and Zulu HIV/AIDS and Depression Books. The Pastor announced that they were expecting about 250 congregants from another Church and Elizabeth offered to stay. The Church project has been initiated by Nancy Zufall Family Foundation from America in the interests of making mental health care available in all communities in South Africa. After the talks she was swamped outside by people asking questions about what SADAG does, and the Diepsloot Counselling Centre. Pastor Moko and 5 elders thanked us very much and shared the problems that they faced from the members, including HIV and AIDS, poverty, abandonment of children, social grants, unemployment, family problems, looking after the elderly, looking after disabled members of families, problems with relationships involving non-South African citizens and teenage delinquency. A big thank you to Thabo who helped out so much and spent a lot of time counselling people outside the Church.

ABSA Wellness Day

Natasha, Esme and Claire ran a SADAG information stand at Pretoria’s main Absa Bank Branch. The Wellness Day started at 9:00 and ended at 15:00, and involved the handing out of pamphlets and relaying of information. The were able to counsel participants dispense information and pamphlets which covered a host of topics and disorders including Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Suicide and Insomnia. Work stress seemed to be one of the main problem among staff members, with Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia posing the greatest threats to their everyday lives. Many staff members spoke of family members or friends who are living with Schizophrenia, and were for this reason interested in the signs and symptoms of the disorder. A few staff members expressed their concern about the expense of seeking professional help, whereby we explained that there are also many other alternatives including government hospitals and clinical trials that we would be able to refer them to.

Many staff members wanted to know the difference between having Anxiety and Depression, and what symptoms they should be looking out for. The many pamphlets proved to be helpful in this regard. Work stress and long hours seemed to be the main instigators of many of these staff member’s problems; with lacking coping skills leading to many other more serious problems and mental health issues. In this way work stress infiltrates into these staff member’s families with a negative chain of events resulting from this. In this regard, it was felt that there could be more ‘Stress and Coping Workshops’ for staff members to attend; with these Workshops and Wellness Days being of benefit not only to the staff members and the corporation, but also to the staff member’s families and extended networks. The day turned out to be very successful, with many staff members clearly relieved that there was a place that they could turn to for help.

SADAG counsellors Jade, Katia and Lindiwe attended the ABSA wellness day in Randburg on the 26th May. This was the third ABSA wellness day this year that SADAG has attended to represent Mental Health. The wellness day was part of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It was developed to supply information to ABSA employees on wellness issues such as mental health, breast cancer, and blood pressure to name a few, The SADAG stand had brochures and information on all the mental health issues ranging from stress, anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. We also had speaking books on display and our referral guide with contact details of psychologists and psychiatrists specialising in various fields. The counsellors were there to offer face-to-face counselling and information. Wellness days have proved to be very successful in exposing thousands employees to information and awareness of mental health. A big thank you to Zanele Sekhane, from ABSA, for organising this all inclusive wellness programme.

SADAG Counsellor Meeting

On 29 May 2010, SADAG counsellors were offered a glimpse into Government psychiatric health care by Dr Frans Korb and Dr Ralf Brummerhoff.

Helping out at the Siyathuthuka Care Centre in Mpumalanga, Dr Frans Korb is the only psychiatrists treating 250 patients at the psychiatric facility, but says he feels it is part of his contribution. Focused on patient rehabilitation, the centre has a Resident Empowerment Programme that teaches residents life, social and self-care skills, in an effort to help them become self-sufficient and reintegrated into the community. Treatment at Siyathuthuka is recovery orientated and, in contrast to traditional methods, encourages patients and their families to learn about the illness and how best to manage it. Dr Korb believes it is important to restore the dignity of psychiatric patients, transforming feelings of despair into outlooks of hope. He says increasing the level of importance awarded to mental illness in South Africa is a major challenge, as is ensuring access to effective treatment for all patients.

A psychiatrist from Sterkfontein Hospital, Dr Ralf Brummerhoff says the facility treats involuntary patients, who may pose a danger to themselves or others, and has about 600 beds available, half of which are utilised for forensic psychiatry. Due to lack of resources, the hospital concentrates on containment rather than rehabilitation, referring patients to other institutions for follow-up treatment. Sterkfontein Hospital operates according to the Mental Health Care Act, which advocates strict admission control. Legally, a patient needs to first be admitted into a government hospital and only then can be transferred to the Sterkfontein facility. Dr Brummerhoff is driven by his understanding that while suffering from mental illness is never easy, not having the money for adequate help is terrifying. Sterkfontein faces many challenges and the financial restraints result in the hospital having a shortage of staff and resources. However, the facility continuously strives to improve its services and has more recently opened two new units. The independent living unit teaches patients how to live with their illnesses, allowing them greater responsibility, while the dual-diagnosis unit treats patients who are battling with both mental illness and substance abuse.

Working in government facilities is an incredibly tough job and one that requires constant dedication and passion. The time that Dr Korb and Dr Brummerhoff spent with our counsellors and the information they imparted is invaluable. We are very grateful for their time and for sharing their experiences with us. They certainly opened our eyes and inspired many of our counsellors.

Carter Centre Fellowship Awards

As part of an international effort to reduce stigma and discrimination, The Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism in Atlanta provide both funds and attendance to the Carter Centre conference, as well as stipends to journalists to report on topics related to mental health. These fellowships look for proposals that will help reduce stigma and discrimination by informing the public about mental health issues and experiences. There are two fellowships available to South African journalists annually together with six American and two Romanian journalists. These are administered by SADAG’s Zane Wilson, who is Chairman and judged by Marion Scher, Dr Frans Korb, Anton Harber, Ferial Hafajee and Dimakatso Maboea. Our thanks to the judges for their support again this year.

Support Group Corner

Durban Support Group Facilitator Training

SADAG hosted a Support Group facilitator training in Durban on Saturday the 12th June and had a fantastic turnout. SADAG’s Deanne Goldberg, one of our trainers, with Joy and Cathy, did a fantastic job and helped make the day a huge success. The expected turnout of about 30 people was far exceeded with nearly 50 arriving! Many praised the training and everyone who attended expressed interest in wanting access to each other’s contact details for networking purposes. People asked many questions and there were also representatives from FAMSA and different trauma units who were asked to introduce themselves and clarify what help they gave. People also stayed behind to chat to one another and some shared very personal stories in front of the group. Everyone agreed that mental health is still stigmatized and the literature Deanne took disappeared fast. A big thank you to Deanne, Cathy, Sue and Joy for their hard work, we hope to start several new support groups in the KZN area soon. If you are interested in starting a support group in your area, please contact Emma on 011 262 6396 or 0800 20 51 21 for more information.

Durbanville Depression and Anxiety Support Group

The Durbanville Depression and Anxiety Group in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town had their monthly meeting on 24th May. The meeting coincided with Bipolar Awareness Day which was on 26 May and psychiatrist Dr. Juan Schrönen addressed the group on the topic of Bipolar Disorder. Nearly 70 people attended the meeting and this shows the increasing interest in Bipolar.

Wynand Theron (Chairman), Helma Gerritsen, Myra Maunder and Dr. Shrönen (Psychiatrist)

The Talisman Foundation “Road to Information Day”

On Wednesday 26th of May Natasha de Oliveira and Deanne Goldberg attended “The Road to Information Day” at the Talisman Foundation which is a psycho-social rehabilitation centre. The event was aimed at establishing a mutual partnership between numerous organisations. In addition to SADAG, these companies included UNISA, The South African Federation of Mental Health and The Human Rights Commission.

We were warmly greeted by the event facilitator Bhengu Shongwe, the day started off with the Talisman resident’s presenting poems, plays and personal stories. The residents mainly spoke about their personal experiences of living with a mental disorder, and how the Talisman Foundation has assisted them in rebuilding their confidence and coping mechanisms. The Talisman Foundation is truly an inspirational organisation that involves residents in life skills training as well as physical, spiritual, recreational, social and educational activities.
The main aims of the Talisman Foundation are to help destigmatise mental disorders within the community, as well as to reintegrate the residents back into their respective communities. The Human Rights Commission headed by Betty Mamabolo spoke specifically about destigmatisation and an individual’s right to be reintegrated within the workplace. The SADAG team did a short presentation about what SADAG is involved in, as well as answering questions. Pamphlets were also handed out and information was left as resource material for the Talisman Foundation. With their mission to create a culture of caring and compassion, the Talisman Foundation is definitely a wonderful organization.

Luthando Clinic Soweto - Bipolar Workshop

The Bipolar Workshop held at Luthando Clinic at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, was held on the 27th May 2010 as part of the bipolar awareness campaign. The workshop was attended by sixteen people who included members of the Luthando Clinic HIV and Depression support group as well as other invited guests from the Soweto area who either suffer from bipolar or are affected by it in some way through a family member or friend.

The workshop was presented by guest speaker psychiatrist Dr Wendy Friedlander and coordinator Khethi Madima. It was aimed at providing information about Bipolar Disorder; its symptoms, course and treatment. Medication compliance was one of the issues that were raised frequently over the course of the workshop by both the participants and Dr Friedlander. Another point of focus during the discussion was the issue of stigma surrounding mental illness especially Bipolar Disorder. People at the workshop participated freely in the discussions, sharing with everyone their personal stories and experiences of Bipolar Disorder. Dr Friedlander was a vital addition to the workshop as she was able to answer many of the questions that the participants asked her, from a professional medical perspective. At the end of the session, many of the participants stayed behind to ask questions about the talk and also about the support group.

Adolescent Drug Abuse Workshop in Cape Town on Saturday 17
th July

Psychologist and SADAG regional co-ordinator, Diane Mallaby, will be holding a workshop, in association with SADAG, for teachers, parents, youth leaders, social workers, psychologists, and anyone working with teens. Dr Chris Steytler will be talking on TIK Abuse in teens, and Angelique Victor will discuss how to build a teen’s self-esteem. We are sure this will equip you with great skills.

Venue: Millerton Library Auditorium

Time: 8-30am - 12pm

Cost: R180 (per person)

For more information, please contact Diane Mallaby on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New SADAG Fundraiser needs your help - Celebrity Charity Art Auction

Please find an amazing Work Of Art to donate In Aid Of Teen Suicide Prevention

Do you know a well known artist or an art gallery that would consider donating an original piece of art to SADAG for our auction in aid of teen suicide prevention? You may have a piece of art in your family which you would like to donate too. We are looking for unusual and well known pieces of art that we can auction in October 2010 - SADAG provides help to thousands of children every year who are troubled, sad, bullied, impoverished and traumatised, who have attempted to commit suicide - children who urgently need our help. Due to our severe financial crisis, if we do not generate more funding, we will not be able to provide this vital assistance. Through this widely publicised art auction, we are hoping to raise R250 000 which will go a very long way to helping us help South Africa’s children.

If you are interested in donating a piece of art or would like more information, please contact Roshni on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 072 270 6945.

Thank You

A big thank you to Elaine Milne and Lundbeck for their donation of three computers to us for use in our offices for data capture. We are so appreciative of donations like this – things that we desperately need but can’t afford to buy!

A New local Book on Bipolar -
A Manic Marriage by Nina Mensing

Having lived with someone suffering from Bipolar Mood Disorder for over twenty years, Nina is better qualified than most to speak about the affect this condition has on relationships. From caring for her partner whilst he was suicidal with depression to visiting him in a state mental hospital after he was committed during a manic episode, she’s seen and experienced it all.

This story is a journal account of her tumultuous relationship during worldwide travel and finally marriage. Juggling motherhood, a career in journalism and photography, and a partner who refused treatment, she has been left with some battle scars. However, she has persevered and through her book, support groups, and community workshops on Bipolar Awareness her knowledge is now helping fellow supporters conquer and befriend this illness called Bipolar.

The foreword is written by specialist psychiatrist Dr Isabel Nunes. The book is available at a cost of R170, and can be ordered through http://www.manicmarrige.co.za/.

A UK Feature Film on Bullying at the National Arts Festival In Grahamstown

"Innocent" is a UK feature film about bullying and fighting it. A recent report in the UK revealed shocking statistics about the number of suicides resulting from bullying. "Innocent" has been selected for the opening night of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown on 20 June. The film charts how the paths of a bullied teenager and of an adult still traumatized by similar experiences at prep school collide spectacularly. Starring Adrian Lukis and June Whitfield and newcomer Harriet Neville, the film was shot for less than £300,000 but packs a powerful punch. “To open the South African National Arts Festival as a director alongside Roman Polanski and Tim Burton is quite something, but I think it’s testament to the fact that the subject matter really does have mass appeal and a strong, clear message: the effects of bullying can last a lifetime and can also cut lifetimes short. The profits of the film will go to anti-bullying charities”, says writer / director Helen Blizard. The writer and co-directors and executive producer will be coming from the UK for the event. “Innocent” plays at the Olive Schreiner Theatre on the opening night at 8pm and Saturday 3 July at 12.00 (1 hr 30 minutes). Check out the fantastic website: http://www.innocentthefilm.com/

With the World Cup in full swing – and many distraught fans still to come - we are getting ready for Panic Awareness Day on the 10th July. We will be doing much press and media as well as corporate and community talks. Anyone wanting to book a talk, please contact Emma on 011 262 6396.
There will also be FREE workshops on panic and anxiety in the following areas:

Sandton, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Durban, and Cape Town

For more information, please visit our website on http://www.sadag.co.za/ or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We wish you a wonderful rest of the World Cup!
Zane Wilson
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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