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Research on Depression in the Workplace.

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Literacy is a luxury that many of us take for granted. That is why SADAG created SPEAKING BOOKS and revolutionized the way healthcare information is delivered to low literacy communities.

The customizable 16-page book, read by local celebrity audio recordings, ensures that vital health and social messages can be seen, heard, read and understood by everyone across the world.

We started with books on Teen Suicide prevention , HIV, AIDS and Depression, Understanding Mental Health and have developed over 100+ titles, such as TB, Malaria, Polio, Vaccines for over 45 countries.

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SADAG Telephone 011 262 6396
Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567
Pharmadynamics Trauma Helpline 0800 20 50 26
AstraZeneca Bipolar Helpline 0800 70 80 90
Sanofi Sleeping Disorders Helpline 0800 753 379

Mental Health Month Newsletter
Panic Awareness Day 10 July

16% of South Africans will experience Anxiety and Panic. Two thirds will not seek help due to stigma. Saturday the 10th of July is Panic Awareness Day and there will be workshops and online interviews and forums to help sufferers of Panic and Anxiety.

Most of us feel some amount of stress and anxiety in our lives which is normal, even helpful. But when the anxiety becomes overwhelming, persistent, or interferes with your daily activities, this may indicate a problem.
Fear... heart palpitations... terror… a sense of impending doom... dizziness... These are the words used to describe Panic Disorder. Panic is twice as common in woman as it is in men. Whilst panic disorder typically occurs in adults between the ages of 20 – 40 years, it can also affect children and the elderly – and affects people of all races and socio-economic groups. Untreated, Panic can have severe consequences - up to 30% of people with Panic Disorder abuse alcohol, 17% abuse drugs, and up to 20% attempt to commit suicide. But there is hope: treatment can benefit everyone - for up to 90% of people, treatment is very effective. Panic Disorder is a terrifying illness that can cause great distress, isolation, and limits your life. Don’t suffer alone and in silence. SADAG is here to help.

Workshops around South Africa on Saturday the 10th July

Across the country on Saturday the 10th July, there will be workshops and meetings to help sufferers of Panic and Anxiety, and their loved ones, gain insight into this illness and share successes and stories with people who understand.

SADAG’s Free Panic Workshops are an incredible opportunity to hear experts explain the dynamics of a Panic attacks, the concept and aims of CBT, self-help techniques that work, and to learn relaxation and breathing exercises to combat negative thinking and positively impact on Panic. These empowering workshops should not be missed

Workshops will be held in the
following areas from 10am to 12 noon on Saturday the 10th July:


Support Group leader, Talita Calitz, will host psychologist Dr Gert van Niekerk and psychiatrist Dr Matete at Bloemcare (11 AG Visser Street, Langenhovenpark).

Cape Town:

Support Group leader, Chris Carter, will be hosting a workshop at the Milnerton Library in Pienaar Road, where CBT expert psychologist Bradley Drake will present and answer questions.


Support Group leader, Joy Chang, will be hosting a workshop at the Lambert Road Baptist Church (114 Lambert Road, Morningside) with guest speaker, psychologist Dr Francois De Marigny specialising in Self Help tips.

Port Elizabeth:

Support Group leader, Simon, will be hosting a workshop at the Fountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church (22 Newcombe Avenue, Walmer Heights) where psychologist Gail de Zitter and psychiatrist Peter Crafford will answer your questions and give insight into this very treatable disorder.


Support Group leader, Suzette Heath, will be hosting a workshop at the Hatfield Christian Church (located at 155 General Louis Botha Avenue, Waterkloof Glen). Psychologist Karen Gratia will be there to answer your questions and you can meet SADAG counsellors Thavanisha and Serena.


SADAG’s Director, Cassey Chambers, will host a workshop at the Penthouse at the Morningside MediClinic (corner Hill and Rivonia Rd, Sandton) with expert psychologist Dr Colinda Linde who specialises in panic and anxiety.

For more details and information about these invaluable, not-to-be-missed workshops, please call SADAG on 011 262 6396 or toll free 0800 70 80 90.

SADAG Online Forum

From Sunday 5th July until Sunday 11th July, SADAG will be hosting an online forum for the public to anonymously post their questions on panic attacks, anxiety and treatment. Log onto http://www.sadag.proboards.com/ . You will be able to ask your questions to psychologist Dr Linde, a psychiatrist, SADAG Founder - Zane Wilson and Trainers Janine Shamos and Cindy van Wyk, who will answer questions about panic disorder, phobias, CBT and anxiety.
Here is a step by step guide to posting a question:

SADAG Online Video – Dr Colinda Linde

Following the success of our online Bipolar video Q&A with Dr Leigh Janet (which is still on the website), as of the 10th July, Dr Colinda Linde’s video will be on SADAG’s site. Dr Linde is an expert in anxiety disorders and she will be giving much needed information on panic attacks for patients and family members. From the symptoms of panic and anxiety, to treatment, to self help, if you or a family member suffer from anxiety this video will be invaluable. Please log on to http://www.sadag.co.za/. A very big thank you to Dr Linde for her unwavering support of SADAG’s work.

Who is SADAG and What Do We Do

We’re often asked what we do, and where SADAG will be working next. Being at the forefront of mental health advocacy, education and awareness, SADAG is involved in many areas, corporations and communities. To help people get a better picture of who SADAG is, we have put together this list. We are often called out at short notice to assist when tragedy strikes, particularly in schools and companies who have been affected by suicide.

Click here to view our List of Activities

SADAG has been open for 16 years. We have a 15-line call centre and two SMS lines, and our 100+ volunteer counsellors take up to 400 calls a day, seven days a week from 8am to 8pm. We also get 100 emails a day from people around the country (sometimes international emails too) looking for help and comfort. Our website – http://www.sadag.co.za/ – receives around 600 000 hits per month and our newsletter reaches over 15 000 people nationwide!

· SADAG operates the national suicide crisis line (0800 567 567) and offers school talks (Suicide shouldn’t be a Secret), crisis intervention and debriefing following tragedies in schools across South Africa. During Teen Suicide Prevention Week (from the 14th to the 21st February every year), SADAG does huge media and outreach campaigns to raise awareness of this very concerning issue. We also do teachers’ talks in order to better equip our teachers so they can recognise a child at risk and can appropriately intervene.

· Our Pharmadynamics Police and Trauma Helpline (0800 20 50 26) offers anonymous counselling to police officers and their families. SADAG also does talks and workshops for the members of the SAPS.
· We train over 200 new volunteers every year, courtesy of Pfizer training centre and our fantastic board of psychologists and psychiatrists.
· We have over 180 Support Groups country-wide, in some really remote places too, and are always on the lookout for more people willing to start Support Groups in their communities.
· Our Department of Social Development Substance Abuse Prevention line (0800 12 13 14) is a
24-hour line and along with the counselling and referral, we do school and community talks on substance abuse.
· We are called on often to do corporate talks and wellness days and have worked with companies like ABSA, Eskom, Rand Water, Hollard Insurance, SAB, PetroSA and many more. We have spoken at numerous conferences, both local and international, on various aspects of mental health.
· SADAG opened its first container counselling centre in Diepsloot with Janssen-Cilag. The counselling centre has been incredibly well received by the community and our two counsellors, Bronwan and Nthombi, are kept very busy.
· Our Speaking Books have really taken off and provide much needed finances for SADAG’s survival. We have produced over 30 titles and the books are being used internationally as well. We do community outreach training for caregivers on the books and the response has been excellent.
· SADAG’s press and media is valued between R4 and 6 million a month! From radio and television appearances to newspapers and magazines, SADAG is raising awareness about mental health issues and reaching millions of people who otherwise may not know where to go for help.

Read July’s Vrouekeur

Christa Swanepoel has written an excellent article on Panic in Women in this Month’s Vrouekeur Magazine. Click here to see it. She has done a lot of research and spoken to many female panic sufferers and this is an article well worth reading. Check it out in this month’s edition on pages 30 and 31. There are also stories in YOU Pulse and HUISGENOOT Pols courtesy of journalist John Dunga on Teen Depression, Panic Disorder and Mental Health, Shape magazine did a great story on Understanding your Mental Health Rights in the Workplace which was written by Loren Anthony, and Mamas and Papas writer, Gwynedd Peters, covered Understanding Mental Health. We really appreciate all the help and support from the journalists who assist SADAG in raising awareness.

Medihelp DVD - Living with ADHD

ADHD is a condition most often diagnosed in childhood, particularly once school-going age is reached. The most distinctive features of ADHD are the child’s consistent inattention to the surrounding environment, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Most children living with this disorder have a combination of symptoms indicating both inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity, but some children have predominantly one or the other of the features. By late childhood, adolescence and adulthood, excesses in motor behaviour become less apparent, and symptoms may reflect primarily fidgetiness or even inner feelings of restlessness without any observable signs.

In "Living with ADHD", accomplished young photographer and ADHD sufferer Daniël Naudé shares his story. Daniël considers living with ADHD as giving him a competitive edge in pursuing his passion. The documentary forms part of Medihelp’s popular “Living with” series of DVDs dealing with various mental health illnesses. It follows the successful release of the first DVD in the series with 27-year-old Simon Barnard’s affliction with Bipolar Disorder. Simon is the son of well-known filmmaker Katinka Heyns. The series is currently on sale to the public.

"At Medihelp, we recognise that a person’s health is not merely a physical state of well-being — mental health is also key to our ability to lead a fulfilling life", says Anton Rijnen, Principal Officer and CEO of Medihelp. "Besides our own well-being, we also need to be able to deal with that of our loved ones and other people we interact with on a daily basis." This philosophy ties in with Medihelp's holistic approach to healthcare cover, which ensures that members and their loved ones derive the most benefit from their medical scheme membership in the knowledge that Medihelp cares for them.

To address the often misunderstood concept of mental illness, Medihelp has developed the unique "Living with" documentary series of DVDs. "Through sharing the stories of individuals who have managed to overcome the obstacles of a mental disorder, we educate and provide guidance", says Rijnen. The DVDs deal with, among others, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, alcoholism, bipolar disorder and Down syndrome.

"Living with ADHD" costs R189, but Medihelp members pay only R130 if they order online or directly from the distributor, Bowline on 021 550 9700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.@bowline.co.za. You can also buy your copy at any Look & Listen store (30% discount for Medihelp members not applicable) or order at www.kalahari.net. For more information about the “Living with” series of DVDs, phone Vanessa on 012 334 2297.

Social Anxiety Disorder Research in Cape Town

The University of Stellenbosch and psychologist David Rosenstein, will be conducting research in Cape Town on social anxiety disorder, as part of his PhD research. Research will be done in order to better understand the causes of Social Anxiety Disorder and its associated brain functioning. This will ultimately provide insights into the treatment of SAD. They are looking for candidates who may be suffering from SAD or who know that they are suffering from SAD. If you’re interested in participating in this study or would like more information, please visit the website http://www.socialanxiety.co.za/ or contact David Rosenstein on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This Panic Awareness Day on the 10th of July, don’t reach for the paper bag, instead log onto http://www.sadag.co.za/ or give us a call on 011 262 6396 to find out what is happening in your area. Panic is an illness shared by 16% of South Africans so you are not alone. Panic and Anxiety are highly treatable.

Wishing you a healthy Mental Health Month,


Zane Wilson
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